Stone Soup

On a Mission to Build a World without Hunger

Wisteria Community Association is dedicated to putting in the most positive effort possible for our community. We have compassionate members all souped up to complete the mission of our organization. Our members and volunteers provide us with the momentum we need to make a difference by distributing food in Nanaimo.


What We Do

Every night volunteers from the Wisteria Community Association's Stone Soup Kitchen load up their van and drives around Nanaimo to distribute clothes, food, and blankets to homeless persons. Every night, 7 days a week, we serve sandwiches and hot coffee.

  • Robson Street (At the dead-end) 5:30 - 7 P
  • Parking Lot (Victoria Road and Cavan Street. ) 7:10 - 8:30
  • Library 7:30 -7:50
  • Bowen Park 8:40 - 9:30
Chef Gaylene Singer
Chef Gaylene Singer

Our Contributors

Stone Soup Kitchen has been in operation for over three years and is supported by individual contributions, bottle drives, and a United Way grant. Food is also donated by local companies such as Little George's Pizza, Panago Pizza, and Nanaimo Loaves and Fishes. We can also provide vitamins, clothes, socks, shoes, sleeping bags, and other items.